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GS Group holding announces international physics contest

In 2014 GS Group Holding started the international physics contest for high school students from non-capital cities for a year-long scholarship. The contest is supported by leading universities of this country.

A year ago the mathematics contest went off well and scholarships and prizes were awarded. The contest showed that students were highly interested in getting higher education with majors in physics, mathematics and technical disciplines and in making successful careers in the sphere of high technologies in Russia.

This year the holding decided to continue the program. The contest problems in physics are also based on the school curriculum.

We remind you that the contest has three stages, the first two of which are online rounds. This way the greater amount of high school students from all over the world can take part in it. The third round takes place at GS Technopolis (Kaliningrad Oblast) — participants of the final round have the unique opportunity to visit the innovative cluster, get acquainted with state-of-the-art technologies and see an interesting life.
11th grade winners get scholarships provided that they are accepted at universities with majors required at GS Technopolis, 9th and 10th grade students get computers and telecommunication devices.

The contest starts on September 8. High school students from non-capital cities of Russia and foreign countries can take part in the International Physics Contest for a GS Group scholarship and get an opportunity to visit GS Technopolis, the Russian world-class innovative cluster.

Solutions to contest problems of the first round are accepted at the following address until October 26. Contestants can already read detailed participation rules online.